19 July 2024
2 year ago
"We are prepared for anything North Korea does," @POTUS replies in Seoul re DPRK weapons tests threats. "We've talked through how we'd respond to whatever they do, so I am not concerned if that's what you're suggesting
2 year ago
President Biden, who is currently attending a state dinner with the South Korean president, has signed the massive $40 billion aid package to Ukraine. The bill was flown to Seoul after the Senate passed it in the hours after Biden departed Washington for his trip
.@StateDeptSpox: "We remain concerned that the DPRK may attempt to undertake another provocation during the course of the president's visit to Northeast Asia or in the days following that could include another ICBM test, that could include a test of a nuclear weapon
US intelligence says North Korea could 'either' launch a long-range missile or conduct a nuclear test while Biden is in East Asia: NSA Sullivan
2 year ago
South Korea's spy agency says North Korea has completed preparations for its seventh nuclear test and is gauging the timing of such a blast. Agency also says signs of looming ICBM launch as Biden visits Seoul
"We are preparing for all contingencies, including the possibility that such a provocation would occur while (@POTUS is) in Korea or in Japan," @JakeSullivan46 tells @WhiteHouse reporters about concerns DPRK could conduct another missile or nuclear test
North Korea reports 8 more deaths, issues with medicine supply amid Covid outbreak: KCNA (state media)
North Korean leader orders mobilization of soldiers to stabilize medicine supply: state media
Yonhap: North Korea says some 390K new Covid cases reported, 8 have died
2 year ago
Yoon offers to send COVID19 vaccines to North Korea: spokesperson
2 year ago
The DPRK missile flew 360km, reached a maximum altitude of 90km at a speed of Mach 5, according to the ROK military
North Korea confirms its first-ever COVID19 case and declares a "serious emergency", with leader Kim Jong-un ordering lockdowns across the country
2 year ago
New Defense Minister Lee takes office, warns of 'stern' response to possible North Korea provocations
2 year ago
New South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol says he'll present "an audacious plan" to improve North Korea's economy if leader Kim Jong Un denuclearizes
2 year ago
North Korea fires at least 1 projectile into East Sea: South Korean military
Japan State Minister of Defense Makoto Oniki tells reporters today's North Korean missile launch flew for 500 km, hitting a max height of 800 km. Asked if Japan had assessed the missile was an IRBM or ICBM, he said the ministry was continuing to analyze the test
2 year ago
North Korea fires an unidentified projectile toward East Sea: South Korean military
North Korea held a highly-expected military parade on Monday. That's according to the country's state media. It marks the 90th anniversary of the founding of its military
More photos of the military parade held on Monday night in North Korea, first revealed on Rodong Sinmun newspaper at noon KST
North Korea says columns of "latest tactical missile units," tanks, columns of "strategic missiles," a column of "super-large MLRS capable of "successive strike" and others were rolled out as well, along with Hwasong-17 ICBM
North Korean state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun publishes first images of the April 25 military parade. Photos show Kim Jong Un, Hwasong-17 ICBM and other missiles marching through the square
North Korea is accusing the European Parliament of "intolerable provocation" less than two weeks after the group passed a resolution condemning DPRK human rights abuses. Pyongyang has often denied such accusations, rejecting them as "fabrications"
2 year ago
"Russian and Chinese military aircraft entered South Korea's air defense identification zone (KADIZ) without prior notice last month. a Seoul official said Tuesday. The incident came just hours before Pyongyang test-fired an ICBM into the East Sea
U.S. will listen to North Korea's concerns but only through dialogue: State Dept
2 year ago
N.Korea's projectiles flew 110km at top altitude of 25km, speed of Mach 4: South Korean military
2 year ago
South Korean military says N.Korea launched two projectiles Saturday toward East Sea
Geolocation of North Korea's 'new tactical guided weapon' launch [Left] to same private Majon beach location as 27 Jan 2022 KN-23 launch [Right] (39°48'44.73N 127°39'49.73E)2 year ago
Geolocation of North Korea's 'new tactical guided weapon' launch [Left] to same private Majon beach location as 27 Jan 2022 KN-23 launch [Right] (39°48'44.73"N 127°39'49.73"E)
Kim Jong Un watched a test-firing of a "new-type tactical guided weapon" which strengthened the country's "tactical nuclear operation," state media said Sunday morning
N.Korean leader inspects test-firing of new tactical guided weapon: state media
US military tactical rocket launches in South Korea2 year ago
US military tactical rocket launches in South Korea