Map. History of Koreas conflict

23 January 2019
4 hour ago
KCNA: "Choe Ryong Haeinspected the Hadang Chicken Farm and the Poultry Engineering Institute under the Academy of Agricultural ScienceChoe Ryong Hae underlined the need to add glory to the honor of the farm as a unit associated with leadership exploits of the great leaders."
5 hour ago
KCNA: "Capitalism is not so civilized and eternal one just as the Western politicians and their advocators tout. The downfall of capitalism is inevitable as it has an incurable illness."
5 hour ago
KCNA: "In the capitalist societycorrupt bourgeois life style is rampant so as to benumb sound spirit of people and lead them to ignorance and darkness. People are seized withhorror in the capitalist society because way of life based on the jungle law becomes a social trend."
5 hour ago
KCNA: "Capitalism is by no means a rich society good to live. Although it has an abundant material wealth, it does not serve people's sound material life but spoils people both mentally and physically."
5 hour ago
KCNA: "Bourgeois reptile media claim that the capitalist society is the 'rich society'full of material wealth with developed economy, talking about its 'eternity'. This is nothing but a sheer sophism to cover up the true color of the unpopular and depraved capitalist society."
23 hour ago
LG Uplus pushes to complete 5G network in major cities this year
1 day ago
KCNA: "The DPRK has given special priority to the issues of succession to the leadership and the revolutionary tradition and directed great efforts to building the youth power. Herein lies the essential secret of the DPRK which remains unfazed in any storms."
Japan's Ministry of Defense has put out what it hopes will be its final word in the radar lock-on dispute with South Korea. It's 7 pages long with supporting reference materials.
2 day ago
[email protected]: The Media is not giving us credit for the tremendous progress we have made with North Korea. Think of where we were at the end of the Obama Administration compared to now. Great meeting this week with top Reps. Looking forward to meeting with Chairman Kim at end of February.
3 day ago
KCNA: "Kim Jong Il's patriotism is precious ideological and moral pabulum for people who love the country and people and the ideological and moral source instilling courage and vigor into all people who struggle for the country and people."
3 day ago
KCNA: "Korea, once a country torn with sycophancy and dogmatism and big powers' theatre of fierce scramble for bringing it under their thumb, has towered at the centre of the world political structure."
3 day ago
KCNA: "The history of the DPRK is the one in which it has regarded the great Juche idea—the acme in the history of human thought—as a state political idea and undauntedly advanced along the road of independence."
[email protected] just said we have made great progress on denuclearization with North Korea. On Weds, @VP said North Korea has not taken concrete steps on denuclearization.
"We've made a lot of progress" with DPRK, @POTUS tells reporters.
4 day ago
"We've had very good steps in good faith from the North Koreans," says @PressSec to reporters.
Trump to meet North Korea leader Kim Jong-un for second summit next month
4 day ago
@POTUS will meet with Kim Yong Chol today at 12:15pm in the Oval Office," says @PressSec. "They will discuss relations between the two countries and continued progress on North Korea's final, fully verified denuclearization."
At 11:00EST (16:00GMT) @SecPompeo is to meet DPRK Vice-Chairman Kim Yong Chol here, according to @StateDept.
A secret, high-level meeting between envoys from the U.S., North Korea is being held in Stockholm, Sweden's news agency says.
Vietnam prepares for Kim Jong Un visit amid talk of second summit with Trump
North Korea: Kim Yong-chol heading to the USA to meet Trump and Pompeo - Top North Korean official departs for Washington
5 day ago
KCNA: "Thanks to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, the peerlessly great man, the politico-ideological might of Juche Korea has been fully demonstratedA state is invincible when it has an ideology and politics to win the sympathy of all people and unite them."
6 day ago
KCNA: "Those who are said to be 'abducted' by the DPRK are being discovered one by one across Japan. Such fact proves that the abduction issue has nothing to do with the DPRK and it is only showing inferiority of the society of JapanJapan is the abduction kingdom."
6 day ago
KCNA: "There is no 'abduction issue' as it had been already settled long ago thanks to the sincere efforts of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea."
Pence says that despite the "promising" Trump-Kim dialogue, "we still await concrete steps to dismantle" DPRK's nuclear weapons programme.
1 week ago
KCNA: "Outside forces who are displeased with the reconciliationof the Korean nation are getting more undisguised in the obstructive moves. Leaving an important matterto the tender mercy of foreign forces isan act of pulling the noose of subjugation around the neck."
1 week ago
KCNA: "Adhering to the principle of By Our Nation Itself makes it possible to resolve, most rapidly and smoothly, all the issues arising inthe north-south relations and the accomplishment of the cause of national reunification in accordance with the will of the nation."
North Korean hackers infiltrate Chile's ATM network after Skype job interview
1 week ago
KCNA: "Young people in the DPRK are playing a pivotal roleto carry out the militant tasks advanced in the historic New Year Address of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. Those in the field of electric power industry have over-fulfilled their production plan every day."
1 week ago
KCNA: "The whole course of the Korean revolution is a history of heroic strugglein the face of the worst-ever difficultyThe moves of the hostile forces to suffocate the DPRK went only to help the Korean people work with redoubled efforts in the spirit of self-reliance."
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