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25 April 2018

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57 minute ago
Both North and South Korea have called for peaceful unification, but on a peninsula locked in conflict unification is a concept that has become convoluted
Pope calls for "transparent dialogue" for peace at Korea summit
The US is in no position to lecture on human rights, says North Korea
3 hour ago
[email protected]: "I think we have a chance of doing something very special, with respect to North Korea. Good for them, good for us, good for everybody."
Japan protests South Korea's plan to offer dessert featuring Dokdo at summit dinner
10 hour ago
KCNA: "The U.S. is faulting the DPRK, the most advantageous, dignified and cradle of genuine life of working people in the world, with ungrounded data. It is a revelation of the U.S. sinister intention to check the advance of the DPRK and bring down its social system."
10 hour ago
KCNA: "For the U.S. to take issue with 'human rights' issue in other countrieswhile shelving the hideous human rights performance in its own country, where all sorts of injustice, deprivation of rights and social evils stalk, is a wanton distortion of genuine human rights."
10 hour ago
KCNA: "By nature, the U.S. is the worst human rights abuserAs for gun-related crimes alone, a man-killing crime which is cancer-like in this country has been committed one after another in various regions including California, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee and Florida."
10 hour ago
KCNA: "The U.S. State Department published 'country report on human rights for 2017' on April 20. The U.S. takes issue with human rights performance in other countries by publishing the country report every year as if it were a 'human rights judge'."
Trump: We made no concessions to North Korea
Trump: We have to deal with North Korea openly
"We will not repeat the mistakes of past administrations" with the DPRK says @POTUS. "The campaign of maximum pressure with continue."
Macron: We are working with the United States to confront terrorism differently and to counter illicit weapons in North Korea and Iran
23 hour ago
South Korea's foreign ministry condemns deadly attack in Kabul
Japanese PM Abe expresses hope for Japan-North Korea summit in talks with South Korea president Moon
1 day ago
South Korea, Ukraine agree to boost economic cooperation
1 day ago
KCNA: "It reminds one of the uninvited guest storming other's house and urging the owner to pay a charge. This height of arrogance and ferocity is something deplorable that can be found only in South Korea."
KCNA: "The U.S. recently held negotiations over the conclusion of 'special agreement on defense cost sharing' with south Korea and pressurized the south Korean authorities to bear 'defense cost sharing' running into astronomical figures."
KCNA: "This clearly proves the U.S. nature as the de facto ruler in South Korea as it is an unwarranted demand in disregard of the difficult south Korean economy and the right of the people to existence."
1 day ago
US diplomat Thornton says U.S. will avoid protracted negotiation with North Korea, urges more action to show sincerity
1 day ago
South Korea, China resume consultations on fisheries cooperation
North Korea's Kim to be served Swiss rösti at inter-Korean summit
1 day ago
KCNA: "The present authorities remain attached to the U.S.-made war monsterThe aggression-minded outsiders only will benefit from THAAD and it is only the destiny of the south Koreans that will be intercepted by it."
1 day ago
KCNA: "The south Korean authorities suppress the struggle of the people against the THAAD base construction, persistently pushing forward with it. This can not but be a criminal act little short of willing to follow in the footsteps of traitor Park Geun Hye."
1 day ago
KCNA: "However vocal the south Korean authorities may become in the usefulness of THAAD, its traitorous nature and danger can never be concealed."
1 day ago
KCNA: "The south Korean authorities persist in the deployment of THAAD for aggression, going against the present trend of the times and the public desire toward peace and detente."
North Korean leader visits China embassy, hospital after fatal bus crash
Reuters: China exported no diesel or gasoline to North Korea in March, customs data show. It also imported no iron ore or lead concentrates and ore from North Korea
1 day ago
Declaration to end Korean War tied to North Korea denuclearization: Seoul
3 South Koreans injured in Toronto van attack
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