29 September 2023
1 year ago
North Korean cargo train arrives in Chinese city of Dandong: sources
1 year ago
North Korea fired two train-mounted "tactical guided missiles" on Friday, according to state media: -Kim Jong Un was reportedly not present -"Surprise" drill was intended to test "combat readiness" -Comes after new DPRK sanctions from the U.S
.US/@INDOPACOM response to North Korea's latest launch of ballistic missiles Friday Calls launch "destabilizing" although "this event does not pose an immediate threat to U.S. personnel or territory, or to our allies"
North Korea's hacker army launched at least seven attacks on cryptocurrency platforms in 2021 that menaced global players and netted the reclusive state almost $400 million worth of digital assets, a report said
1 year ago
NSC expresses 'strong regret' over North Korea's repeated projectile launch
1 year ago
North Korea fires 2 suspected ballistic missiles eastward from North Pyongan Province : South Korean military
1 year ago
North Korea fires unidentified projectile eastward: South Korea's military
North Korea's foreign ministry says US is intentionally escalating situation with new sanctions, showing its talk of diplomacy hides efforts to isolate and stifle Pyongyang. Warns of "stronger reaction" if US adopts confrontation. Defends missile tests as sovereign right
Blinken on MSNBC: North Korea's missile launches are "profoundly destabilizing
North Korea warns of 'stronger' reaction after U.S. imposes new sanctions over its missile launches
On the FAA briefly halting some West Coast flights around the time that North Korea had launched a ballistic missile, Pentagon says: "Some decisions were made that probably didn't need to get made"
China always opposes unilateral sanctions as they do no good to help solve Korean Peninsula issues, but only intensify confrontations, Chinese FM spokesperson Wang Wenbin said commenting on US sanctioning North Korea after its latest missile launch
On top of today's designations by @StateDept and @USTreasury, the U.S. is proposing @UN sanctions following North Korea's six ballistic missile launches since September 2021, each of which were in violation of UN Security Council resolutions
@StateDept designates North Korea-linked individuals & entities for proliferation of WMD - Russia-based DPRK national O Yong Ho - Russian Roman Anatolyevich Alar - Russia's Parsek LLC
U.S. imposes sanctions on North Korea linked individuals and entity. New sanctions target DPRK's ballistic missile programs
North Korea states its hypersonic ballistic missile flew 1000km last night, in contrasts to Japanese reports of 700km
Here are the images of recent NK missile launch. It's the MaRV again. Kim's viewing platform is familiar
Kim Jong Un attended Tuesday's "hypersonic missile" launch, North Korean state media report
White House: North Korea's missile tests violate Security Council resolutions
"The missile launch highlights the destabilizing impact of the DPRK's illicit weapons program" per @INDOPACOM "The US commitment to the defense of the Republic of Korea & Japan remains ironclad"
1 year ago
Japan and South Korea discuss North Korean missile launch via phone - Kyodo
Preliminary reports indicate North Korea launched a hypersonic missile into the East Sea/Sea of Japan.   Range: 700km/434.96 miles  Apogee: 60km/196,850 feet  Max Speed: Mach 101 year ago
Preliminary reports indicate North Korea launched a "hypersonic" missile into the East Sea/Sea of Japan. Range: 700km/434.96 miles Apogee: 60km/196,850 feet Max Speed: Mach 10
1 year ago
South Korea's military has called North Korea's missile launch a "clear" violation of UN Security Council resolutions, Yonhap reports
1 year ago
North Korea's missile launched Tuesday improved compared with the one fired six days earlier: JCS
1 year ago
Latest @ROK_MND statement also confirms that the missile was launched from Chagang, the same province as last week's "hypersonic" missile launch
1 year ago
The FAA ordered a full ground stop at all West Coast airports on Monday, as North Korea fired what appeared to be a ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan(East Sea). The stop lasted for about seven minutes.
1 year ago
North Korea missile traveled more than 700 km at top altitude of 60 km at Mach 10: JCS
1 year ago
South Korean media reporting a fighter jet has crashed in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province (that's near major military bases including US airbase at Osan)
Some planes on the U.S. West Coast were briefly grounded for unspecified security reasons, just 20 minutes after a North Korean missile test. No word from the FAA
1 year ago
NSC expresses 'strong regret' over North Korea projectile launch
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