17 June 2021
1 year ago
[email protected]: South Korea has agreed to pay substantially more money to the United States in order to defend itself from North Korea. Over the past many decades, the U.S. has been paid very little by South Korea, but last year, at the request of President Trump, South Korea paid $990,000,000
1 year ago
[email protected]: .Talks have begun to further increase payments to the United States. South Korea is a very wealthy nation that feels an obligation to contribute to the military defense provided by the United States of America. The relationship between the two countries is a very good one
High resolution shots of North Korea's latest KN23 SRBM launch from South Hwanghae province
Consistent with the previous launches, discarded support brackets for the missiles are seen ejected here
First pics the Rodong Sinmun of yesterday's missile test
Latest launch of NK missile
1 year ago
DPRK missile test launches "pose a grave threat to our regional partners and global security". "We encourage North Korea to engage in meaningful discussions with the United States" @foreignoffice statement
Full KCNA statement on the latest missile launches
KCNA says Kim Jong Un oversaw launch of "New-Type Tactical Guided Missiles" yesterday as warning to US and South Korea over their joint military drills
North Korea fired new tactical guided missiles under Kim's guidance: state media
Bolton says North Korea appears to be getting missile 'fully operational'
Venezuela a rogue state, joining DPRK, Iran, Syria, says @AmbJohnBolton in #LimaGroup address
Secretary of Defense @EsperDoD in Japan today: "the key is while we take these launchings seriously, we monitor them. We try to understand what they're doing and why. We also need to be careful not to overreact and not to get ourselves in a situation where diplomacy is closed off."
A North Korean diplomat in Geneva has told the United Nations-sponsored conference on disarmament that Pyongyang would have to "reconsider the major steps we have taken so far" and accused the U.S. of "inciting tension" by holding joint military exercises with South Korea
Esper also calls on South Korea and Japan to resolve their increased tensions, adding that he encourages intel sharing to continue. "I would ask them to both resolve this issue quickly and let's really focus on North Korea and China," he added
1 year ago
South Korea to consider travel warning for Japan: ministry
1 year ago
A @USForcesKorea spokesperson says the U.S. military will continue training with South Korean forces, but declined to discuss specific military exercises "in order to preserve space for diplomacy to work."
U.S. continues to monitor situation after North Korea launch: official
North Korea has test fired two short range ballistic missiles, which have landed in Sea of Japan(East Sea) (East Sea), a US official tells CNN. The US has assessed the missiles to be the same type that North Korea has similarly tested in recent weeks
Also this morning: North Korea's foreign ministry puts out a new statement blasting US-South Korea military exercises and warns it could take "new road." Full text
US, South Korea war games "flagrant violation" after talks: KCNA
North Korea protests South Korea-U.S. military exercise, warns it could seek 'new way': KCNA
The projectiles were fired twice early in the morning from South Hwanghae Province
SK Joint Staff: North Korea Launch 2 unidentified projectiles towards East(Japan) Sea from Hwanghae Province
1 year ago
North Korea fires unidentified projectiles into East Sea: JCS
A spokesperson for North Korea's ministry of foreign affairs this morning said that the joint military drills just begun by US and South Korea violate agreements. Says still committed to dialogue but could be forced to take "new road" it warned of before: KCNA
DPRK has generated an estimated $2 billion for its weapons of mass destruction programs using "widespread and increasingly sophisticated" cyber attacks to steal from banks and cryptocurrency exchanges, according to a confidential UN report seen by @Reuters
1 year ago
US ROK to begin joint military drills Monday despite DPRK protests
1 year ago
Parliamentary panel adopts resolution against North Korea nuclear weapons, missiles
1 year ago
South Korea mulling conducting defense drills on Dokdo this month: sources
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