17 October 2021
"I'm not in a position to confirm any travel at this time," replies @StateDeptSpox when asked about reports of @SecBlinken planning to travel to Japan for a 2+2 meeting, but "he's itching to get on the road" amid the coronavirus pandemic restrictions on travel
'Robust' North Korea sanctions needed to prevent nuclear proliferation: the nominee for U.S. under secretary of defense for policy said Thursday
7 month ago
A transgender South Korean soldier who was forcibly discharged from the army after gender-reassignment surgery has been found dead, police said, prompting anger and calls for legal reforms
7 month ago
Yonhap says South Korean chief prosecutor Yoon Seok-youl will make a statement at 2 PM and adds a note that resignation is a possibility
U.S. intelligence is monitoring North Koreas Yongdoktong nuclear facility after recent concealment movements. & nuclear facilities across North Korea due to reports of nuclear fuel rod reprocessing
New satellite imagery obtained by @ZcohenCNN & @kylieatwood reveals North Korea has recently taken steps to conceal underground tunnels at Yongdoktong. US intelligence agencies believe the site is being used to store nuclear weapons
7 month ago
Top national security officials from Washington and Seoul spoke on Tuesday ahead of upcoming joint military drills. Both sides vowed to maintain "stability" on the Korean Peninsula and touched base on a "variety of shared foreign policy priorities"
"Today's landscape is increasingly complicated & competitive" per @CIA nominee Burns "It's a world where familiar threats persist, from terrorism & nuclear proliferation to an aggressive Russia, a provocative North Korea & a hostile Iran"
US military working closely with South Korea to maintain joint defense readiness: Pentagon official
7 month ago
South Korea has agreed to release "a part" of billions of dollars of Iran's money it had blocked in its banks for years because of U.S. sanctions
7 month ago
A 20yr old North Korea man swam for 6hrs to defect from North Korea. He was wearing diving gear and crawled through a pipe underneath barbed wire fence into South Korea, where he was picked up by South Korean military
Justice Department charges 3 North Korean computer programmers in broad range of global hacks
North Korea "tried to hack Pfizer" - South Korean intelligence cited by press
'Suspicious man' caught near DMZ appears to be from North Korea: JCS
This is not true @InsideEVs. That Korean article is just based on unconfirmed Kakao Talk messenger news. Hyundai and LG still investigating causes of Kona EV fire
North Korea maintained and developed its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes throughout 2020 in violation of international sanctions
8 month ago
DongA Ilbo says South Korea's defense ministry briefed parliament on scenarios of a Japanese invasion of Dokdo, islets controlled by SK but contested by Japan, and how SK military would repel such attempts
U.N. experts point finger at North Korea for $281 million cyber theft, KuCoin likely victim
New U.N. panel of experts report mentions that Iran and North Korea resumed cooperation on long-range missile development projects last year. Consistent with previous assessment from U.S. officials in September
8 month ago
South Korea's President @moonriver365 said on Thursday that he pledged to upgrade the country's alliance with the United States in a phone call with @POTUS, reports @reuters
Iran agrees to release crew of seized South Korean tanker
8 month ago
Several defection attempts & smuggling operations occurred near the Sino-North Korean border in North Pyongan Province during the Eighth Party Congress, with three dead & two in hospital after border guards fired shots (Daily NK)
CTBTO IMS seismic stations KSRS (ROK), USRK(Russia), & SONM (Mongolia) detected an event of magnitude IDC ML=2.7 at 15:08 UTC. Event located 33km from former DPRK test site in an area of known seismic activity subsequent to the 2017 DPRK announced test8 month ago
CTBTO IMS seismic stations KSRS (ROK), USRK(Russia), & SONM (Mongolia) detected an event of magnitude IDC ML=2.7 at 15:08 UTC. Event located 33km from former DPRK test site in an area of known seismic activity subsequent to the 2017 DPRK announced test
8 month ago
South Korea said on Thursday it would begin COVID19 vaccinations for the general public in the third quarter of this year, the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) director Jeong Eun-kyeong told a news briefing
US President Biden had a phone conversation with Japanese Prime Minister Suga. During the meeting, it was emphasized that the Korean peninsula should be completely cleared of nuclear weapons.
Sec Blinken: Today, Foreign Minister Kang and I affirmed the enduring strength and importance of the U.S.-ROK Alliance, the linchpin of peace, security, and prosperity for a free and open Indo-Pacific region and stressed the importance of U.S.-ROK-Japan cooperation
8 month ago
South Korean FM, Blinken agree in phone talks that North Korea nuke issue 'urgent' matter
Infosec: According to Google, North Korean hackers have targeted security researchers via social media. Google TAG warns security researchers to be on the lookout when approached by strangers on social media
A North Korean diplomat has defected to South Korea while serving as the acting chief of mission at the country's embassy in Kuwait
The Iranian Foreign Ministry says it has refused to mediate in the seizure of the South Korean ship
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