Map. History of Koreas conflict

22 February 2018
[email protected]: "I am honored to lead the U.S. delegation to the closing ceremonies of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics. We look forward to congratulating Team USA and celebrating all that our athletes have achieved."
Asked if any effort was being made to arrange contact between @IvankaTrump and the North Korean delegation, a Sr Admin Official gave a blunt one word answer: "No."
Other members of the pres delegation to the Closing Ceremonies include @SenatorRisch, @PressSec and Gen. Vincent Brooks, Commander, US Forces/Korea.
Sr Admin Official says @IvankaTrump will travel commercial to Seoul, have dinner Friday night with Pres Moon at Blue House, then spend the weekend in PyeongChang for the last of the Olympic events and the closing ceremony Sunday night.
Reported assault on a high-level DPRK cadre by a senior-ranked soldier belonging to Kim Jong Un's Supreme Guard Command
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'Critical' economic momentum eyed for sustainable growth: Koreas finance minister
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Seoul's Foreign Ministry admits to omitting controversial part of US troop cost deal sent to Assembly
North Korea cancelled historic US meeting at the last minute
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KCNA: "Hong Jun Phyo, Jo Won Jin and other die-hard conservatives' wild vituperation to check the trend for the national reconciliation and unity will only disclose their true nature as despicable imbeciles in human shape, to say nothing of being worth fellow countrymen."
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KCNA: "The thoughtless acts of the conservative group including the 'Liberal Korea Party' are nothing but last-ditch struggling of the rejects of the times driven into the cliff of destruction, being marginalized by the strong trend for national reconciliation and unity."
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KCNA: "Leader Kim Jong Il was awarded a diploma from the United Left Party of Venezuela on his birth anniversary. The diploma was conveyed on Feb. 14 to the DPRK ambassador to Venezuela bygeneral coordinator of the Federal Political Secretariat of the Party."
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South Korea launches WTO trade challenge against U.S. duties
DPRK Reaper hackers have expanded beyond ROK targets to Japan and Middle East, according to @FireEye.
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South Korea starts WTO complaint vs USA over anti-dumping duties
North Korea poised to launch large-scale cyberattacks, says new report
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Russian curler Alexander Krushelnitsky has tested positive for the banned substance meldonium at the Pyeongchang Olympics, the Russian Olympic Committee says
South Korea wins gold in women's 3,000m relay short track
Russian Olympic Committee confirms curler tested positive for meldonium
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Ex-U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon elected to lead green growth body
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KCNA: "The world has witnessed the U.S. bluffing before the weak but being left helpless before the DPRK, a strong country. Trump's hysteric act will only reveal the servile face of the weak. Words will not work on the U.S. going reckless."
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KCNA: "It is foolish to think of bringing to knees through 'maximum pressure' the DPRK that has risen as a world-level nuclear power and military power, the commentary jeers, and goes on:"
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KCNA: "How hysterically Trump may run amuck, it is taken as nothing but as the shriek made by the mentally deranged man to get rid of the extreme uneasiness before his logic of strength no longer working and before the DPRK that has towered as a strategic state."
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Koreas ex-president Lee's asset manager arrested
North Korea making progress on new nuclear reactor: report
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South Korea to announce joint military drill plan with U.S. before April
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South Korea, Slovenia sign social security agreement
Former US military commander warns against 'bloody nose' strike on North Korea
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South Korean military to press ahead with joint drills with U.S. this year
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South Korea to order Patriot missile defense upgrades: DAPA
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KCNA: "The Trump group's racket for resuming the war exercises is a wild act of ruthlessly trampling even a small sprout of peace that has been seen on the Korean peninsula, and it is a provocative act of chilling the active efforts of the DPRK."