China Urges U.S. Peace With North Korea to End Nuclear Threat US, South Korean forces conduct joint exercise for ICBM defense for potential N.Korea threat #DPRK US increased Patriot missile deployment in S.Korea to address N.Korea missile risk #DPRK Moscow warns US over missile system deployment to South Korea Ruling party lawmaker in South Korea urges that Kim Jong Un be “terminated”#ROK foreign minister met with @JohnKerry to disclose close cooperation on #DPRK. Beijing: US deployment of missile system would directly affect our security interests N.Korea develops nuclear weapons, missiles by profits from KIC: MoU #SouthKorea cuts electricity to Kaesong Industrial Complex after #NorthKorea expels all South KoreansMore of DPRK rocket debris recoveredWhite House: We agree with Congress on NKorea sanctions Russia has demanded an apology from South Korea over the claim that Russia supplied rocket components to North Korea U.S. says has no reason to doubt North Korea army chief executedNorth Korea calls Kaesong closure a "declaration of war"North Korea to cut inter-Korean hotlines following KIC suspension Kaesong-based S. Korean firms call for gov't compensation DPRK declaring Kaesong a military zone, likely ROK will be watching through night for any unusual military movement. N. Korea expels S. Koreans from Kaesong complex, freezes assets All inter-Korea military communications and communication through UN truce village of Panmunjom will be scrapped as of today: N.Korea North Korea orders all South Koreans to leave Kaesong immediatelyNorth Korea orders all South Koreans to leave Kaesong immediatelyUS Senate passes North Korea sanctions bill, 96-0. South Korean firms begin pull-out from industrial park over #NorthKorea rocket launch Japan will implement new sanctions on North Korea in response to rocket launch N. Korea's military chief executed on corruption charges: sources S.Korea says it is shutting down operations at Kaesong industrial zone, notified N.Korea of decision #DPRK UN Experts: North Korea Continues To Evade UN Sanctions North Korea satellite launched on weekend has stabilized in orbit around Earth: U.S. official Director of US National Intelligence says North Korea has restarted a plutonium reactor that could start recovering spent fuel. #DPRK on its way to deploying a mobile ICBM system, says @ODNIgov.

Map. History of Koreas conflict

13 February 2016
More of DPRK rocket debris recovered
South Korean firms begin pull-out from industrial park over #NorthKorea rocket launch