Korea president Moon, @VP Pence reaffirm strong alliance, joint efforts to denuclearize North Korea

Map. History of Koreas conflict

23 February 2018
"There are no meetings planned whatsover," says @RajShah45, asked if VP Pence might meet with sister of Kim Jung-Un at the Olympic games.
[email protected]: Secretary Tillerson and China's State Councilor Yang reaffirmed @POTUS and President Xi's commitment to keep up pressure on North Korea's illegal nuclear weapons and missile programs and discussed the need to achieve a fair and reciprocal economic relationship.
2 week ago
[email protected]: I will be meeting with Henry Kissinger at 1:45pm. Will be discussing North Korea, China and the Middle East.
2 week ago
The United States and South Korea now openly disagree on North Korea
Russia cuts term of stay of North Korea workers to 1 year, no deportation in progress - Interior Ministry official
2 week ago
Russia says North Korean workers can stay until December 2019
2 week ago
@VP reiterates to @moonriver365 that the US will stand "shoulder to shoulder" with the ROK to denuclearize the Korean peninsula
North Korea first lady, top military, party grandees attend military parade
2 week ago
Korea president Moon, @VP Pence reaffirm strong alliance, joint efforts to denuclearize North Korea
At the Presidential Blue House @VP and @SecondLady sign the guest book2 week ago
At the Presidential Blue House @VP and @SecondLady sign the guest book
Two Koreas conduct joint short track training ahead of Olympics
ICBMs at North Korea military parade
Lots of soldiers marching in unison at #juchefest.
Looks like 3-4 Hwasong-15 ICBMs on this wide-range angle shot
Hwasong-14 and HWasong-15 ICBMs rolled out - but not many
Hwasong-15 ICBM
Bigger missiles at parade in North Korea
Hwasong-14 ICBM shown on extended truck mount
Missile lineup came through in the end: Hwasong-12, Pukguksong-2 and KN-02 (?)
Missiles on display at North Korea parade
Hwasong-12 on display
Artillery at parade in Pyongyang
Artillery rolling out on KIS Square
President Kim's speech "should spur combat readiness"
Kim Jong Un: That way, we should make sure that invaders cannot infringe upon our sacred dignity and autonomy even by 0.001 milimeters
Appears North Korea "Toksa" (SS-21B Scrab mod) SRBM - not seen for a few years - has a new two capacity TEL
Kim Jong Un says North Korea is a 'world-class military power'
Kim Jong Un is making a speech at the army foundation day celebration
This is Kim Jong Un delivering a speech to rapturous applause.
There is live from a jeep reviewing the troops. North Korean TV presentation and technology is certainly improving.
Hwasong-14 on a trailer
The first bit of video from #Juchefest2018
North Korea releases footage of military parade in Pyongyang
Kim Jong Un gets out of the back of a black limousine with his wife and is saluted.
North Korea is broadcasting the military parade from earlier today on KCTV.
PyeongChang confirms 86 cases of norovirus infection
North Korea's state TV has just started broadcasting the military parade held this morning.
Pukguksong-2s, Hwasong-12s, and maybe the Hwasong-15
North Korean TV is finally beginning its coverage of today's military parade
North Korea holds smaller, low-key military parade
North Korea scales down military parade: source
1st images of the military parade in North Korea
2 week ago
Koreas president Moon calls for China's efforts to enable dialogue between U.S., North Korea
2 week ago
Koreas President @moonriver365 hosts @VP today and then DPRK high level officials on Saturday
@VP and @SecondLady disembark Air Force Two in Osan
2 week ago
Moon to meet North Korean delegates Saturday: Cheong Wa Dae
2 week ago
South Korea says exemptions to North Korea sanctions temporary during Olympics
North Korea 'does not intend' meeting US during Olympics
2 week ago
South Korean official says North Korea held military parade on eve of Winter Olympics in South Korea
North Korea high-level delegation offers to visit South Korea via plane
So apparently North Korea staged a military parade this morning but decided not to live-broadcast it to the whole world. "We have learned that North Korea staged a military parade in Pyongyang's Kim Il Sung square starting at 10:30 am," a Seoul government source said.
2 week ago
KCNA: "The U.S. had better act with discretion, well aware that its imprudent word and deeds will only show itself in a more awkward position."
2 week ago
KCNA: "Our delegation's visit to south Korea is only to take part in the Olympics and hail its successful holding. We are not going to use such sports festival as the Winter Olympics as a political lever. There is no need to do so."
2 week ago
KCNA: "We have never begged for dialogue with the U.S. nor in the future, too. Explicitly speaking, we have no intention to meet with the U.S. side during the stay in south Korea."
2 week ago
KCNA: "U.S. Vice-President Pencesaid that he didn't press for any contact with the DPRK's delegation and asked the south Korean authorities to fix a schedule not to encounter the delegation. And he claimed that they would see what is happening. This is the height of sarcasm."
2 week ago
KCNA: "Going blind in judging the trend of the times would make one face great disappointment. Such senseless meddling doesn't fit the appearance of a 'power'."
2 week ago
KCNA: "It is illogical for the Chinese media to absurdly vociferate about 'denuclearization', far from saying what it should doCall a spade a spade. It is very despicable of those Chinese media to mess with their neighbor's event, far from offering congratulations to it."
2 week ago
KCNA: "So, is an event of 'denuclearization' ever on the list of the Winter Olympics?"
2 week ago
KCNA: "The Winter Olympics has nothing to do with 'denuclearization'."
2 week ago
KCNA: "It reminds one of a mean fellow looking over the fence of a feast host."
2 week ago
KCNA: "This is evidently an act of screwballs feeling dissatisfaction with the north and the south of Korea aspiring after detente and peace, and a mischievous act to reverse and divert the international focus away from the atmosphere for the north-south reconciliation."
2 week ago
KCNA: "China's experts and media, that have touted for 'peaceful solution' to the Korean peninsula issue whenever an opportunity presented itself, shun the present positive developmentHow can such behavior be interpreted as an act of allegedly 'disinterested' neighbors."
2 week ago
KCNA: "Such incoherent talks heard from Chinese media can not but be retorted as an arrogant act aimed at interference in the internal issue of the Korean nation and an unreasonable logic and sophism ignorant of the essence of the nuclear issue of the Korean peninsula."
2 week ago
KCNA: "The ties between the north and the south of Korea are on the track of positive developmentAt this time, some media of China, not to be left behind the U.S. and Japan, reactionaries of history, areseriously spoiling the atmosphere for the feast."
Looks like an apartment fire near Gangneung Media Village.
Gangneung: Something is burning.
2 week ago
[email protected]: Congratulations to the Republic of Korea on what will be a MAGNIFICENT Winter Olympics! What the South Korean people have built is truly an inspiration!
Pentagon chief says North Korea standoff 'firmly in the diplomatic lane'
Tillerson also said US won't be "lulled" by North Korean presence at the Olympics. "That isn't going to change anything," he said of US insistence North Korean end its nuclear weapon and ballistic missile programs.
2 week ago
[email protected]: Best wishes to the Republic of Korea on hosting the @Olympics! What a wonderful opportunity to show everyone that you are a truly GREAT NATION!
Tillerson says North Korea an equal player at PyeongChang Olympics
North Korea has this afternoon told some Pyongyang diplomats and visiting military attachés to arrive in Kim Il Sung for 09.00AM – presumably for the much anticipated military parade. Also, a cultural event is scheduled to take place on Thursday afternoon.