South Korean, Japanese foreign ministers have phone talks to discuss North Korea missile

Map. History of Koreas conflict

20 August 2018
China at UN Security Council calls for "restraint" and "an early resumption of dialogue and negotiations" amid a "grave situation on the Korean peninsula" following latest DPRK ICBM launch.
"Japan will never tolerate a nuclear-armed North Korea," says Amb. Koro Bessho. DPRK "a clear global threat to all member states."
U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley: "If war comes, make no mistake: The North Korean government will be utterly destroyed."
U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley: "The dictator of North Korea made a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war."
"China must cut off the oil to North Korea," @POTUS told President Xi today, according to @nikkihaley. "China must show leaderless and follow through."
[email protected]: "Today we call on all nations to cut all ties with North Korea."
@nikkihaley: "North Korea's behavior has become more intolerable."
"This is the ninth time this year" for UN Security Council to meet on DPRK, notes @nikkihaley. "The world has responded powerfully to North Korea's outrageous and lawless actions."
North Korea releases photos of leader Kim Jong Un watching long-range missile test8 month ago
North Korea releases photos of leader Kim Jong Un watching long-range missile test
UN Security Council holds emergency meeting on North Korea
North Korea releases photos of the new type of ICBM ' Hwasong 15' that is capable of reaching all of US mainland, the ICBM was test fired last night
Here's the Hwasong 15 on its launch vehicle8 month ago
Here's the Hwasong 15 on its launch vehicle
First pictures of North Korea's Hwasong-15 launch yesterday8 month ago
First pictures of North Korea's Hwasong-15 launch yesterday
Security Council meeting on non-proliferation and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
"These massive tax cuts will be rocket fuel," says @POTUS as audience begins to chuckle, adds "Little Rocket Man!"
President says tax cuts will be "rocket fuel for the economy." Reminds him of "little rocket man," his handle for North Korean Pres Kim Jong Un. "He is a sick puppy," says Trump, on day after latest NK missle launch.
"Little rocket man, he is a sick puppy," says @POTUS diverting again from prepared remarks after crowd cheered reference to "rocket fuel" for the economy.
"They know they're getting away with murder," says @POTUS of "two countries".
"We're going to protect our country whether its North Korea or anyoneprotect our country like never before," per @POTUS "We're going to build up our military and make our product here and make our planes and our boats and our everything here"
[email protected]: "The North Korean threat is very grave. It's not just a threat to the United States or a threat to the Korean Peninsula region but to the entire world and the civilized world."
Countries should kick out guest workers from DPRK as their wages go to North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs, says @statedeptspox.
Martha McSally on North Korea missile test: "We've got to make it so painful for Kim Jong Un to continue on this path and drive him to the table."
Martha McSally on North Korea missile test: "Assessments show that that means the distance could go as far as 8,100 miles which would hold Washington DC and Miami hostage."
Martha McSally on North Korea missile test: "The test went up to 2,800 miles instead of the last one at 2,300 miles."
@RajShah45: No details being released on new US sanctions on DPRK but the "maximum pressure campaign" with allies "have really yielded a lot of results."
"The North Korea threat is very grave," says @RajShah45 on Air Force One.
8 month ago
Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono on North Korea: "I think that the President should definitely tone down his rhetoric because that is not helping at all"
[email protected]: "The other side of the aisle seems to think that this crisis that were in with North Korea is all Trump's doings and I don't think anything could be further from the truth."
@VP: The situation in North Korea is a serious one and as @POTUS made clear yesterday, "We'll take care of it." The era of strategic patience is over. All options are on the table and the Kim government would do well not to test the resolve of POTUS or the capabilities of the U.S Armed Forces
Xi Jinping: China would like to keep up communications with the U.S. and all other related parties, and jointly push the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue towards the direction of peaceful settlement via dialogues, negotiations
Video: @PressSec asked whether the administration believes the new "major sanctions" on DPRK that @POTUS says are to be announced today will cause Kim Jong Un to change his behavior.
Trump says new sanctions on North Korea to be imposed today
8 month ago
[email protected]: Just spoke to President XI JINPING of China concerning the provocative actions of North Korea. Additional major sanctions will be imposed on North Korea today. This situation will be handled!
There was a @POTUS phone call today with China President Xi about the latest DPRK missile launch.
Another boat containing dead bodies has been found floating off the coast of Northern Japan. Officials suspect they all originated in North Korea
8 month ago
KCNA: "There is a saying 'Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind'. The more desperate the old lunatic remains in such provocations as re-listing the DPRK as a 'sponsor of terrorism', the stronger self-defensive countermeasure of the DPRK they will meet."
8 month ago
KCNA: "Ko Sung Il, a KPA officer, said that the successful test-fire of new-type ICBM is another signal victory won by the DPRK in the confrontation with the U.S., adding: I seem to see old lunatic Trump and those riff-raffs making a great fuss, daunted by our new 'gift package'"
8 month ago
KCNA: "Upon receiving the statement of the DPRK government on the successful test-fire of new-type ICBM Hwasong-15 on Wednesday, the whole country is seized with great joy."
Pakistan expresses deep concern over reported launch of a ballistic missile by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea - constitutes a violation of UN Security Council resolutions and undermine goals of peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and beyond: Govt of Pakistan
8 month ago
KCNA: "Greatly satisfied with the at-a-go success in the test-fire of the newly developed ICBM Hwasong-15, respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was so excited to…extend his heartfelt gratitude to all those who took part in the development of the new type rocket weapon system."
8 month ago
KCNA: "With this system, the DPRK has become possessed of another new-type inter-continental ballistic rocket weaponry system capable of carrying super-heavy nuclear warhead and attacking the whole mainland of the U.S."
8 month ago
KCNA: "The ICBM Hwasong-15 weapon system represents the weapon system peculiar to the Workers' Party of Korea, which was developed with domestic efforts and technology 100 percent to suit the specific conditions of the country."
8 month ago
KCNA: "The test-fire confirmed that all the integers of the weapon system have satisfactorily complied with the requirements of design and that it is capable of fully ensuring reliability in combat situation to serve its mission as strategic weaponry system."
8 month ago
KCNA "He expressed great satisfaction over the fact that such vehicles can be manufactured as many as the country wants now that the munitions industry has made a breakthrough in putting the production of all parts of the vehicle on a domestic and Juche basis 100 percent."
8 month ago
KCNA: "He came out to the place where technical preparations for the rocket was under way late at night to see the 9-axis self-propelled launching vehicle manufactured by workers of the munitions industry."
8 month ago
KCNA: "He indicated the orientation of developing a new type rocket…and gave detailed instructions every day to the Academy of Defence Science for doing so and thus made sure that the Hwasong-15 weapon system was successfully completed."
8 month ago
KCNA: "Kim Jong Un personally supervised the whole course of the test-fire."
8 month ago
South Korean, Japanese foreign ministers have phone talks to discuss North Korea missile
TASS: Slutsky: A Russian delegation is working in Pyongyang to prevent an escalation of tensions.
8 month ago
Moon, Abe vow to seek additional U.N. sanctions against North Korea
North Korea claims nuclear statehood with US in missile range
8 month ago
Moon says will ask China's Xi to play more active role in halting North Korean provocations
8 month ago
Moon, Abe agree they can no longer tolerate North Korean provocations
China has urged North Korea to "stop actions that heighten tensions on the Korean peninsula" after Pyongyang said its new missile test put the entire US mainland within range of its nuclear weapons
Spanish Foreign Secretary @AlfonsoDastisQ: "We condemn the latest missile launch by North Korea". Statement describes "irresponsible act that constitutes one more link in a long chain of threatening acts towards neighbouring countries"
China voiced grave concern and objection to DPRK's latest missile launch and strongly urged the DPRK to abide by relevant resolutions of the UNSC. China hopes all relevant parties will act cautiously to safeguard peace and stability in the region
North Korea announces successful test of 'new' Hwasong-15 ICBM
China expresses strong objection after North Korean missile test
8 month ago
South Korea ruling party chief to meet Chinese leader Xi this week
8 month ago
KCNA: "The U.S, despite its almost empty national coffer and national debt amounting to 20 trillion US dollars, is resorting to such reckless increase of military expenditure. It is, indeed, a belligerent country of military gangsters and a cancer-like one against mankind."
8 month ago
South Korean biz leaders meet Sri Lanka president in Seoul
8 month ago
South Korea, Russia agree to cooperate in exploring Arctic sea routes
8 month ago
Japan's bitpoint announces entry into Korea
North Koreans in Pyongyang celebrate announcement of new ICBM missile test (Pics: @AFPphoto)
North Korea says it successfully tested a new intercontinental missile that can hit "the entire continental US" Official television said the launch was "authorized and personally witnessed by Kim Jong-un"
8 month ago
KCNA: "As a responsible nuclear power and a peace-loving state, the DPRK will make every possible effort to serve the noble purpose of defending peace and stability of the world."
8 month ago
KCNA: Nuclear weapons "would not pose any threat to any country and region as long as the interests of the DPRK are not infringed upon. This is our solemn declaration."
8 month ago
KCNA: "The development and advancement of the strategic weapon of the DPRK are to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country from the U.S. imperialists' nuclear blackmail policy and nuclear threat, and to ensure the peaceful life of the people."
8 month ago
KCNA: "After watching the successful launch of the new type ICBM Hwasong-15, Kim Jong Un declared with pride that now we have finally realized the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force, the cause of building a rocket power."
8 month ago
KCNA: "Upon authorization of the WPK and the government of the DPRK, ICBM Hwasong-15 was launched at 02:48 on Nov. 29, Juche 106 (2017) in the suburbs of Pyongyang under the guidance of Comrade Kim Jong Un."
8 month ago
KCNA: "This system has much greater advantages in its tactical and technological specifications and technical characteristics than Hwasong-14 whose test-fire was conducted in July last."
8 month ago
KCNA: "The ICBM Hwasong-15 type weaponry system is an intercontinental ballistic rocket tipped with super-large heavy warhead which is capable of striking the whole mainland of the U.S."
8 month ago
KCNA: "The test-fire of intercontinental ballistic rocket Hwasong-15, newly developed under the political resolution and strategic decision of the Workers' Party of Korea, was successfully carried out."
North Korea says it successfully tested a new, nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach the entire mainland US
8 month ago
KCNA: "Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of our Party, state and army, gave an autographic order to test-fire the newly developed inter-continental ballistic rocket Hwasong-15 on Nov. 28, Juche 106."
8 month ago
[email protected]: After North Korea missile launch, it's more important than ever to fund our gov't and military! Dems shouldn't hold troop funding hostage for amnesty and illegal immigration. I ran on stopping illegal immigration and won big. They can't now threaten a shutdown to get their demands.
8 month ago
KCNA: "Japan has persistently tried to prove the conditions of 'emergency' around Japan by taking the advantage of the situation on the Korean peninsula while trying to use it as a pretext for the increase in the defence budget and military capabilities."
@icao tells @VOA_Korean it received no notification from DPRK of its missile launch.
Sen. Lindsey Graham told @CNNSitRoom on North Korea's latest missile test: "If we have to go to war to stop this, we will." He warned, "If there's a war with North Korea it will be because North Korea brought it on itself, and we're headed to a war if things don't change."
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
North Korea official says world should expect 7th nuclear test
Japan government says @AbeShinzo and @POTUS in phone call agreed to boost deterrence capability against the DPRK in response to latest missile launch by Pyongyang.
8 month ago
South Korea will continue to pursue strong sanctions until North Korea halts "provocations" and is open to dialogue, Moon says per Yonhap
8 month ago
President Moon: "If North Korea won't stop it's military provocations, there will be no place for peace"
8 month ago
Moon strongly condemns North Korea's missile launch as 'reckless' provocation
Emergency UN Security Council meeting on DPRK set for tomorrow, according to @USUN.
There will be a hastily arranged telephone call shortly between @POTUS and @AbeShinzo, @VOANews has learned.
Tillerson statement after North Korea missile launch: "Diplomatic options remain viable and open, for now."
DPRK missile program "endangers world peace, regional peace and certainly the United States," says Mattis
"It's a research and development effort on their part," adds Mattis
"In light of the missile launch they'll be here fairly quickly," @POTUS says of @SenSchumer and @NancyPelosi absence at today's @WhiteHouse meeting.
Japan requesting emergency meeting of UN Security Council over North Korea missile - PM Abe
North Korea missile launch is the highest yet, poses worldwide threat, US Defense Secretary Mattis says
This latest DPRK missile launch "would have more than enough range to reach Washington, DC, and in fact any part of the continental United States."
Trump says missile launch does not change U.S. approach to North Korea issue
Defense Secretary Mattis says North Korea launched an ICBM that went higher than any shot they have taken
The launch does not change the US approach to the DPRK issue, adds @POTUS
After North Korea test, US President Trump says "We will take care of it"
Trump says North Korea launch 'is a situation that we will handle'
ROK drill involved an Army missile unit, a Navy Aegis ship and Air Force's KF-16 fighter jet, "each firing a missile at a simulated target set in consideration of the distance to the site where the North's shot the ballistic missile," according to @YonhapNews
North Korean ICBM missile falls within Japan Exclusive Economic Zone, Japanese defence minister says
David Wright estimates for this afternoon's North Korea missile launch indicates a range of greater than 13,000 km. This is with whatever payload was carried today, which could have been very light, much lighter than a nuclear weapon. @UCSUSA
8 month ago
Slutsky says will call head of Duma delegation currently in North Korea immediately and suggest he condemn missile launch: Interfax
8 month ago
Reported N.Korean missile launch is provocation - Federation Council member Klintsevich - IFX
Per David Wright at @UCSUSA, this North Korean missile test demonstrates a 13,000 km range — all US territory in range
8 month ago
Missile launch threatens State Duma delegation visiting North Korea - Russian MP
DPRK missile appears to have broken into pieces and closest point to land for splashdown was ~ 210 km west of Hokkaido, according to @nhk_news
8 month ago
Slutsky intends to get in touch with State Duma delegation now in North Korea over reported ballistic missile launch - Interfax
European Union spokeswoman says North Korea's missile launch "is a further violation of its international obligations"
DPRK launch in "middle of the night was interesting – perhaps fear of pre-emption," says @Rmanning4. "But getting spun up every time he acts is dumb, counter-productive and helps Kim's victim-threat narrative boosting him internally."
North Korean ICBM flew approximately 2,800 miles into space, making it highest North Korean missile test to date, U.S. officials confirm. It was also the longest duration of any missile flight
8 month ago
South Korean President Moon Jae-in convenes NSC meeting to discuss North Korea's missile launch
"Our commitment to the defense of our allies, including the Republic of Korea and Japan, in the face of these threats, remains ironclad. We remain prepared to defend ourselves and our allies from any attack or provocation" says Colonel Manning
8 month ago
North Korean missile reached an altitude of 4,500 kilometers (2,800 miles) and traveled a distance of 960 km (600 miles), South Korean military says - Yonhap
8 month ago
North Korea's missile flies around 960km at altitude of 4,500km
NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg: I strongly condemn North Korea's new ballistic missile test. Pyongyang must abandon its nuclear and missile programmes which are reckless and a threat to international peace and security
North Korean missile didn't pose a threat to the United States, its territories or allies - Pentagon
The DPRK missile did not pose a threat to the US, its territories or its allies, according to @DeptofDefense.
Pentagon says initial assessment of North Korean launch was an ICBM, traveled about 1,000 km before splashing into Sea of Japan(East Sea)
8 month ago
ROK National Security Council to meet at 06:00 KST/21:00 GMT following DPRK missile launch. Korea
[email protected] to make remarks to the @WhiteHouse press pool at 15:00 EST (and the daily briefing has now vanished from the schedule).
Japanese broadcaster NHK reports the country's government estimates North Korea's missile flew for 50 minutes and landed in Japan's exclusive economic zone
8 month ago
NHK reporting DPRK's latest missile flew for about 50 minutes
President Trump responds when asked about new North Korean missile test.
Trump briefed on North Korean missile launch, says @PressSec, "while missile was still in the air."
White House says Trump was briefed on North Korean missile launch while missile was still in the air
Leaving the Capitol, reporters shouted questions to @POTUS about TaxBill and the DPRK missile launch. He replied, "we'll be talking about it."
Unlike last time when a North Korean missile over flew Japan, the government did not initiate the J-Alert system this time. It wakes up smartphones with an emergency message.
Japan's prime minster orders emergency meeting of cabinet ministers over North Korea missile launch
8 month ago
US "not surprised by the probable launch" by DPRK / North Korea of ballistic missile, per US intelligence official
Missile launched at 3:30am on the 29th November, Korea time
8 month ago
Office of Japanese PM confirms the North Korean ballistic missile has landed in the Sea of Japan (East Sea), exclusive economic zone
U.S. officials confirm launch by DPRK of some type of ballistic missile but are not yet releasing details as the military evaluates information. This does now appear NOT be a short-range missile launch.
"Probable" missile launch detected from North Korea, says Pentagon
8 month ago
South Korea's military stages 'precision strike' missile exercise in response to North Korea's missile launch: The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Republic of Korea
8 month ago
South Korea's military stages 'precision strike' missile exercise in response to North Korea's missile launch- Yonhap quoting South Korean Military
8 month ago
North Korean Missile is still traveling towards the direction to the East Sea as we are monitoring right now" - South Korean Military
8 month ago
North Korean ballistic missile was launched from South Pyongan Province and flew eastward, Alerts issued to citizens of Japan to take shelter
North Korea fires ballistic missile: South Korea JCS
Experts think North Korea could conduct another missile test 'within days' - U.S. government sources
Secretary Tillerson: Our European partners have been strong supporters of our diplomatic and economic pressure campaign against North Korea.8 month ago
Secretary Tillerson: Our European partners have been strong supporters of our diplomatic and economic pressure campaign against North Korea.
Japanese police find boat thought to be from North Korea carrying eight dead bodies
An American Fighter Jet Squadron has relocated from Atsugi to Iwakuni today which puts them way closer in range to South Korea (Nov.28, pictures by Cpl. Donato Maffin)
8 month ago
South Korea's PM thinks young people have $10,000 to blow on Bitcoin
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