South Korean PM stresses trust building, grassroots exchange with Vietnam

Map. History of Koreas conflict

19 September 2018
U.S. man who was freed from North Korea with the help of former President Jimmy Carter has died after he was found on fire in a field in San Diego; believed to be a suicide or accident - police
@POTUS: “We’re talking about North Korea. We had a call that lasted almost and hour and half.” He added also spoke with Putin about Ukraine.
White House releases readout of hour-long call between President Trump and President Putin
"As North Korea continues to threaten international peace and security, we are steadfast in our determination to maximize economic pressure to isolate it from outside sources of trade and revenue while exposing its evasive tactics." - @USTreasury Secretary Mnuchin
New U.S. Treasury designations on North Korea include impressive photos – captured by drone? satellite? – of ship-to-ship transfers taking place
US announces new sanctions on North Korean shipping firms, China trading companies, in push to isolate North Korea
10 month ago
Russian statement says Trump and Putin discussed ways to preserve the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Syria in pursuit of a political settlement. Leaders also discussed North Korea, Ukraine and Afghanistan
U.S. slaps sanctions on Chinese individual, entities over North Korea
Putin - Trump phone call lasts about an hour, discussed Syria, Iran, North Korea and Ukraine
10 month ago
Kremlin aide tells Interfax agency Russian President Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump will discuss North Korea in talks via phone later
10 month ago
South Korean FM arrives in Beijing to fine-tune preparations for summit
10 month ago
South Korean PM stresses trust building, grassroots exchange with Vietnam
10 month ago
KCNA: "The south Korean authorities is nicknamed as 'poodle' of Trump as it yields to the U.S. and creeps around the U.S. legs."
10 month ago
KCNA: "Trump is letting out such lunatic outbursts as 'total destruction of north', 'annihilation', 'calm before storm', thereby maximizing the stand-off with the DPRK. An aim lurking behind this is to make munitions monopolies rake up profits and make a bundle of money."
10 month ago
13 injured on Ilsan Bridge
10 month ago
Man, woman found dead in Busan studio apartment
10 month ago
South Korea's foreign minister asks for UNHCR efforts to help North Korea defectors
10 month ago
South Korea, U.S. agree to make public non-confidential info related to United States Forces Korea
China says hopes all parties can resolve North Korea issue peacefully after US puts North Korea back on list of state sponsors of terrorism
10 month ago
KCNA: "The army and people of the DPRK regard the dignity of their supreme leadership dearer than their own lives, and they show no mercy to anyone attempting to hurt it in the least."
10 month ago
KCNA: "Trump is a heinous criminal who should be sternly punished at the DPRK's court and at the court of justice and human conscience."
10 month ago
KCNA: "The hideous crimes committed by the lunatic president of the U.S. are a blatant challenge to the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK, a wanton violation of its sovereignty and a vicious insult to the genuine life of the Korean people."
South Korea and Japan say listing North Korea as terror sponsor will pressure Pyongyang to denuclearize10 month ago
South Korea and Japan say listing North Korea as terror sponsor will pressure Pyongyang to denuclearize
Xi Jinping's special envoy returns from Pyongyang—but maybe without a meeting with Kim Jong Un.
10 month ago
KCNA: "He noted that the handsome and attractive five ton-trucks of our style…proved that the hostile forces' desperate efforts to block the advance of the DPRK make the indomitable spirit of the Korean workers stronger."
10 month ago
KCNA: "He personally drove a truck to learn in detail about its performance and technical specifications."
10 month ago
KCNA: "Watching with a bright smile on his face trucks standing in rows full in the broad park, he said they were trucks of Juche Korea manufactured by our workers…and he was encouraged and satisfied to see the trucks, extending militant greetings to the workers of the complex."
10 month ago
KCNA: "Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the Sungri Motor Complex which successfully carried out the task for…displaying the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance."
"The priority of the administration is to protect Americans." — @PressSec on @POTUS designating North Korea a state sponsor of terror
Tillerson: "North Koreans have demonstrated in the past they have an enormous capacity to withstand a lot. They'll make their people pay."
Tillerson: “We still hope for diplomacy” with North Korea
Sec. Tillerson says assassination of Kim Jong Un's estranged half-brother in Malaysia "was a significant event that caused us to really begin to look carefully" at what else North Korea might have been doing.
“People of North Korea already live under enormously difficult conditions.” - Tilllerson
US not running out of diplomatic options in regards to DPRK, according to Tilllerson.
Tillerson agrees the designation of NK as state sponsor of terrorism is "very symbolic" but underscores NK as a "rogue" and "brutal" government. Says it makes a strong statement but that the "practical effects may be limited."
10 month ago
“They’ll make their people pay.” - Tillerson on NK
Indications that fuel supplies in DPRK “are quite tight.” - Tillerson
DPRK puts little value on human life, says Tillerson.
More DPRK entitles to be sanctioned by @USTreasury tomorrow, confirms Tillerson.
China has assured the US that it’s observing all sanctions on DPRK, according to Tillerson.
Sec. Tillerson on lack of missile tests by Kim Jong Un and North Korea. "We're hopeful that he continues this quiet period."
“This willl close a few additional loopholes off.” - Tillerson
"We still hope for diplomacy," Sec. Tillerson says of North Korea after President Trump's re-designation of nation as state sponsor of terror.
“It is having a significant effect on North Korea.” - Tillerson
“This is a process that started actually several months ago.” -Tillerson on NK
Tillerson says use of chemical weapons was factor in designating North Korea as state sponsor of terrorism
Tillerson acknowledges that North Korea had previously been designated a State Sponsor of Terrorism in 1998, but that was lifted in 2008 as as part of effort to negotiate an end to its nuclear program. “That obviously failed," he conceded."
“Peaceful pressure campaign” on DPRK as Tillerson calls it, is same as what @POTUS calls “maximum pressure campaign.”
Trump declares North Korea a state sponsor of terror
@StateDept on re-designating DPRK as State Sponsor of Terrorism: the designation subjects DPRK to sanctions that penalize persons and countries engaging in certain trade with the DPRK, restrict U.S. foreign assistance, ban defense exports and sales
Department of State:[email protected]: Today, the United States is designating North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism.
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan: I strongly support this decision, which is an important step in holding North Korea accountable for its wide range of destabilizing activities.
[email protected]: "The North Korean government must be lawful, it must end its unlawful nuclear ballistic missile development."
10 month ago
[email protected]: "The treasury department will be announcing an additional sanction and a very large one on North Korea."
Pres Trump says North Korea supports acts of international terrorism - including assassinations on foreign soil. He recalls the brutal treatment given Otto Warmbier, a 22-year old American held 17-months by North Korea who died shortly after his release in June.
10 month ago
[email protected]: "Today the United States is designating North Korea as a state sponsor of militants."
DPRK a "murderous government" and "the highest level of sanctions" to be imposed on North Korea, says @POTUS.
"It should have happened years ago," says @POTUS announcing DPRK now back on the list, noting North Korea's assassinations on "foreign soil."
At start of Cabinet Meeting, Pres Trump announces designation of North Korea as state sponsor of terrorism. Joins Iran, Sudan and Syria as nations so designated by US.
U.S. President Donald Trump has announced his intent to declare North Korea a state sponsor of terror
North Korean foreign minister heads to Cuba
10 month ago
North Korean women suffer discrimination, rape, malnutrition: U.N.
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